The last of the Chadore

4 months ago

A sad day has arrived

I decided since it has been over a month since I smoked any of the Chadore to twist up the last doobie I have of it. This strain has a very soft fruity taste that tastes a little like mulberries and lemons. This strain is a newer strain that I had the privilege to give the very first review 3 months ago. I am a little sad this is the last of it. Hope to score this strain again.


I hate when I come to the end of a strain I like

I been saving this for a special day. Today is the day I ordered my building for my new studio. I been doing location photography since our move as I don't have a space that works for a studio in our home. But in a few weeks I should have the building and in a couple more weeks I should have it all finished. I am excited to get as it having this space will increase my business. But I truly hate when I run out of a beloved strain.


So to celebrate I decided with the last of my Chadore

It is bitter sweet but celebrating the purchase of my studio is something I think is special enough to pull this strain out to celebrate with. I really am excited to get this done. Having a dedicated place to work and take photos with the proper lighting set up is not only going to come in handy for my Photography business but also for my blog. Have a dedicated place I will take new strains to the studio to shoot with my professional camera. I don't bother with pulling it out now cause of lighting issues. But once that is complete my Nugporn photos will be much better. As if you go through my images you can tell which posts I used my professional set up. But it is too much work for my blog to set up each time.


Not that my phone takes bad photos

It is just my professional camera takes much better photos than my cell phone does. But since these are not being printed they are okay enough for my blog, but when the studio is done the photos I will be taking will improve the overall feel of my blog I think.


I am building my studio from a custom garden shed

It is going to have a traditional front door with a window in it and two windows. It will be gray with white trim to match the colors of our home. We will be wiring it for light fixtures and outlets. We will insulate it and put some beadboard paneling up. And installing some tongue and grove laminate hardwood style types floors. I am gonna make a fake dry wall, wall with styrofoam and baseboards. As the beadboard can make a nice beach theme background but sometimes you want a nicer finish look of something more fancy. So with a styrofoam panel, paint and some baseboards. I can make a really nice backdrop. Plus I have my muslin backdrops and my green screen.


Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, bogart that shit at least for now. Once they start treating people again when they are sick we can share again, but till then remember sharing is not caring at the moment. And don't forget government can not be trusted. Governments around the world are lying to us and though I don't believe any government released this, I do believe they are taking advantage and abusing their power to take more. Be careful be safe, stay healthy and try to help others when you can, cause governments would soon help us off a cliff.



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Can’t wait to see them crisp nug images! What kind of camera do you use?


A Nikon D3400 currently.

Very good way to celebrate the new studio with a fav strain. One end becomes another beginning!

Super stoked for you getting that photo booth setup LOL you said its a shed so I say its a photo booth LOL I agree the setup becomes a major issue... your right about lighting making a big difference even with a phone I notice the difference.


It's a pretty big shed and the photos I admit I been lazy with especially since I am a professional photographer and can do much much better.