Taking a break with some OG Kush

3 months ago

I been working on some projects

So I can be free next week to be able to hopefully work on another front end so when issues arise and they will cause that happens with everything, so I am hopefully gonna create a new front end that if everything goes right should be up in the next couple of weeks. Fingers cross cause I really want us to have another door to get into the smoke blockchain when the front door is locked. So I am taking a break from my current project and about to smoke a dobbie of the OG Kush I grew.



I grew this organically

Without any chemicals or liquid nutrients as I wanted to make sure that I would not have to worry about anything dangerous in the cannabis I grew. The taste is awesome, I am extremely proud of this grow. Kind of wish I would have cloned her. But it is what it is and towards the end I got her to intersex and got 3 seeds so far out of the ounce or so I have smoked from this batch. Hopefully her daughter's will be just as fire or even better. As her earthy pine and lemon smell and taste is one of my favorites.



The buzz is uplifting

And very effective for pain but too much induces couch lock. I also always seem to have a good appetite after smoking a nice fatty of this. I also found out recently that this strain is a good strain for those making RSO for cervical cancer. My cousin recently was sent in for some tests they think she might have it. Which sucks, but I am helping her find what she needs to make the cure.



So I sit here taking a break

Writing up this post as I smoke this fatty, taking a break from writing to read new content that has shown up on the site since I last was here. Reading @drunkfed method of making tincture aka green dragon, he does the fast method of brewing it, I do a slow method, both work just different ways of doing it. Then I read @d00k13 new free write post. Also checking out the new art of the Little Smoke Woman stories from @zpzn. Checking out @razeiv quarantine weed supplies.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff and bogart that shit there's a pandemic going on better safe than sorry smoke your own dobbie and or bowls.


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It's so pretty! it's great that you are working hard to have other options for us i tried to come to smoke.io not that long ago and there was a 500 something error and i just had to wait a few days or so and it was back.


I need to have a couple of days of no distractions, so far that has been hard to find, but next week I hope to see things slow down so I can get it done.

looks really nice. Havent seen the OG look that nice in a little bit. Thx for sharing


@relaylogix took better photos of it than I did, I need to buy a good macro lens for my camera was about to do that when this pandemic hit, but his took some photos of this grow bud that makes it look sexy. You can check out the photos here and see what I mean. A great macro lens can capture some great close ups.

Esas flores de ven deliciosas. 🤤. Felicitaciones por tu cultivo orgánico y sé que está planta santa ayudará a tu familiar. Gracias por las recomendaciones de los artículos que has leído.

Those flowers look delicious. 🤤. Congratulations on your organic cultivation and I know that this holy plant will help your family member. Thank you for the recommendations of the articles you have read.