Strawberry Cake review

8 months ago

Today's review is on some blackmarket Strawberry Cake

The smell of this strain is fire af. As it smells like strawberry cheesecake. I can seriously see why this strain has this name. It definitely it's from it's look but totally for it's smell and taste.


The smell and taste

Not only does it smell like strawberry cheesecake it has a taste of first strawberry then a cheese aftertaste. I am like the taste of this strain, it is now on the list of one of my favorites for taste.


The buzz

Is hard hitting and heavy. This is a nighttime strain even for me unless I am wanting to take a nap, then this is the strain to help me do that. Really digging this strain for it's buzz and how it smells and taste.


Overall I giver Strawberry Cake a 10

This strain has it all, the smell, the flavor and the buzz. I am enjoying the buzz very much and plan to put a little of this back for my birthday in a few week. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass.




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That's very good quality for black market! From your descriptions about it, it sounds like it was properly grown as well!


Most of what I get comes from legal states, it might be blackmarket but it is high quality medical grade blackmarket

I want some:)


Me too. :) It looks crazy good!

10 out of 10. ! sounds seriously good !


Its pretty fire but tomorrows review on the other strain I have is even better than this one. As later today I will get my grow update in, but yeah I feel blessed to have so many great strains to choose from right now, black markets don't always have choices