Picked up some Blue Cookies

3 months ago

Todays Black Market Pick Is

Blue Cookies which for those who doesn't know it is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry. It has a euphoric buzz about it before relaxing the body. A really great strain for pain relief especially those suffering from lower back and hip pain. I have had a bad pain day till I smoked a joint of this Blue Cookies. Enjoy a little Nug Porn of some of the pretty nugs from this batch.









The taste, the smell, the look, the buzz

The taste had hints of blueberry and other slight hints of other berry flavors before finishing off with that familar sweetness of GSC. I give this strain a 9.5 for taste. The smell is rich in that blueberry smell. I give it a 9.5 for smell This strain has lighter shade of green and slight shades of purple. It is beautiful I give it a 9.0 for looks. The buzz is wonderful for pain relief did I mention that yet? I was having a bad bad pain day and I am no longer feeling the pressure and pain in my back and hips like I was. I give this strain a 10 for the buzz and the pain relief it is giving me. I have a very high tolerance, I rarely get a decent buzz from a doobie I rank marijuana on how it gives relief to my pain. But when I get pain relief and a buzz it is always gonna get a rating of 10 out of 10 from me. Over all I give this strain a 9.8 and highly recommend it for those suffering from pain. Anyone have any of these seeds? Want to sell some for some smoke? Hmu...

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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This is one I really really want to try.


I highly recommend it pun totally intended.

Nice grab, I had some blue cookies a few days and it was FIRE. This looks really like a really nice grab and it is is so purple by the looks of the photos


The purple shows up better in photos than looking at it with the naked eye.


Really weird how that is

Purplish note and blueberry taste. Are you sure this is weed?


Yep I am sure and it is on the higher end of what is out there. Buzz wise it is better than the Granddaddy Purple or the Platinum Kush and both of them were up there too.

Blue Cookies are becoming real popular, been hearing the name a lot. No Illinois cultivators are producing it yet though. These flowers look real fine, I'd like to try this strain one day


You would like it. Heavy consumers will love this strain.

Looks good for black market. I'm never sure of where stuff comes from now days.


This actually came from the West Coast.

The colors in there look real nice, definitely some purp in there, I love it!


I like this strain a lot..

Nice, those buds look wicked, they sparkle like little diamonds. Thanks for the review, bong on. :-)