Hellfire OG aka Fire As Fuck blackmarket review

5 months ago

So this strain is known by two names

Hellfire OG and Fire As Fuck is the same strain. From what I understand it was originally called Fire As Fuck but was renamed Hellfire OG but regardless of what you want to call it, Fire describes it very well.


The downside of getting on the blackmarket

Is that it comes in compressed, I think that can affect the outcome of the photos, but so does taking them with my cell phone and not my camera. But at least it doesn't affect the taste of buzz. Hellfire is reportedly an even balance of an Indica and Sativa which is kind of rare, normally hybrids are dominant.


The taste and smell

It has a smell lemony diesel with a taste of that lemony gas flavor followed by an earthy spicey taste. I really love the lemon flavors in cannabis. This strain with it's flavor is extremely nice.


The buzz

Leaves me Happy and Relaxed. Maybe too relaxed as this strain makes me want to take a nap within an hour or so smoking it. This strain at least for me is very effective for insomnia. It is also very effective for pain and muscle aches. But it does leave you with cotton mouth a little bit.


I give this strain a 9

It is too heavy for me for daytime use, which is strange as heavy Indica's rarely leave me wanting to sleep like I do on this strain. Since for me I should only use this at night it loses a point. But I am glad for a night time strain that I can smoke on to help me get to sleep.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, bogart that shit there's a pandemic going on and sharing is not caring for the moment. Be safe stay healthy and remember don't trust your government they are lying to you.



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You give it a 9 i give it a 10🔥

Wow that's great

Hell yea! @razeiv / @raz, nice buds! ;-) I've found a bit of success with IP backtracing you. It's been fruitful. Can't wait to see what India has in store for you once I turn you in. ;-) At least it's not the Philippines where Duterte would have you executed for your cannabis! You're in luck yet! Obvious sack of shit. ;-)


What is there to track mate! I am from India, and it's illegal here that's the reason i removed my Profile photo and other personal details from here 😀