Gelato just hit our local blackmarket

5 months ago

Black Market Gelato

Gelato is a cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet and is very well balanced Indica/Sativa, which I find to be a well balanced medication for pain but also where it does't give you that weighted down feel that many strains good for pain can give. Gelato have a sweet, earthy, citrus taste that is very complex in flavor. I am a fan of the strains that are good for pain relief and have found that pretty much any descendant of the cookie line is a strain I end up like fairly well. That is why when I went to reup and had something new to choose from other than Blue Cookie and Platinum Kush (which I still have some of both of those strains from last week buy) I jumped on it. Plus I have had Gelato before and it is one of my favorite strains. I got some beautiful looking buds in this batch too. So I decided to do what I do and take some of that NugPorn you all love so much. Rating this strain and batch I give it a 9.8 on a scale out of 10.






I just picked a few to show off

There were other buds in that batch that I could have shown off that was just as pretty
But I decided to show these off because of their length. Anyone that is in a black market knows we normally end up with the popcorn size buds so when we get strains in that have buds that look like these it is something you kind of want to show off. I know there are buds much longer than this out there, but like I said I am not in a legal market so we don't get long intact buds very often. They are normally smaller than these are. Here is one of them in my hand so you can see what I mean and at least have a little bit of scale.


Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass and don't forget there is only a few hours left to enter last weeks Freebie Friday where you can win a deck of playing cards. Then this week's will go live so make sure you check back and enter to win your very own swag...




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Mmmmm I don't know if I've told you this before but it's a personal favorite especially in concentrate.

That is rather high grade for street hookup. I wanted to write that who needs the dispensary when you have dealer like this, but then one word came to my life...prison needs

I wasn't lately here but I wanted to ask what's the story with the book that travels around the world?


My husband found it in a used book store while we were on an adventure for our anniversary.


I ment, is it going to travel the world?


Yes it will hasn't left yet @gr8fulmag420 and I both need to read it first. I been busy this week but plan to read it Sunday. Then have her read it... So hopefully this time next week it will hit the road...

Nice score, I have enjoyed this cross over GSC so to me you will enjoy 😁


I love the cookies and cookie cross breds they work pretty good for pain that is for sure. Love that I have three nice strains right now plus edibles, tincture, dabs and my e-juice since I been making my own. Can't wait to harvest and start growing and making all my medicine and not have to depend on the blackmarket for my medicine.


It is nice growing yourself as that way you know what you are growing it with.


I have been looking forward to growing my own for a long time. But I wanted my kids grown before I tried just in case didn't want them to end up in the foster care system.

Gee you score some nasty gear from the streets, looks like some awesome smoko. Enjoy bong on. :-)


The streets have been good to me.

Such sweet flowers

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