Early morning errands means scoring more smoke

3 months ago

When I woke up this morning I had two strains

I had some errands to run out of town and like to occassionally buy from my other connections even of I don't necessarily need it. It has been over a month since I have stopped in on this conenction and decided go stop in and see what he had and pick up a quarter to keep that connection fresh. Nothing more awkward than hitting someone up for smoke after not speaking for a while. So I try to keep all my connections fresh.

When I got there

He had an 8th left of Ice Cream Cake and also had some local grown by a mutual friend of Tangerine Dream. Both looked very good. I couldn't decide which to buy so I bought an 8th both strains. I pitched in on a doobie of Ice Cream Cake and then stopped by another friends house and twisted one up for him later. So there isn't a whole lot to take photos of. But I did take a few.




I quick run down on Ice Cream Cake

It is an indica-dominant strain cross bred of Wedding Cake and Gelato. Effects are a little heavy so for many this would be a night time strain. An Excellent strain for pain. It has a vanilla berry taste and a strong smell. I give this strain a 9 on a scale of 10.

Tangerine Dream

This was grown locally by a friend of mine indoors using LED full spectrum lighting. Tangerine Dream was the winner of the 2010 Cannabis Cup and is a hybrid daughter of G13, Afghani, and Neville's A5 Haze. It knocks out pain while increasing energy. Which sometimes is hard to find strains that do that. Too much of this strain could cause couch lock for those with a lower tolerance. This strain as a citrus smell and taste to it. I give it a 9.8 on a 10 point scale.




it is nice to be able to alternate between strains

It is why I am growing 3 different strains myself so I have options and if I get tired of one I can trade it for a strain I don't have. I really like having at least 2 strains to choose from but what I even like more is having 4. I envy those in a legal market that have those choices all the time. One day legalization will make it to my state. Till then I will try my best to hook up with as many strains as I can so I can have some options.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Like the sound of tangerine dream....


It is good has me feeling better than I have all week. I might have under rated it.

Tangerine is a great strain. I really enjoyed it every time


It is very yummy sadly the grower of this strain locally decided to stop growing. I am hoping he might have some seeds of this strain


Dam that sucks. Be nice to get a few seeds for sure be awesome than you can just clone them

On fire ... loved this post


Yes it was on fire for a bit as I smoked it. LOL how you been @easyrider, didn't know you were on here, how did I miss that? Anyways I know now....

One can never have too many strains. We think you even lack one. 🤣


I was thinking I was lacking at least 2 should have 6 strains at anyone time minimal and 7 would be perfect so you have a different strain for each day of the week.


Now that is some thinking outside the box


I am famous for that

That Ice Crream looks like a real refreshing smoke. I love the purple tints on it.


both are really good but the Ice Cream Cake is a little heavy IMO where the Tangerine Dream is energetic, but both are excellent for pain relief. I gotten a few things done today and am exhausted but the pain levels are down because of these strains.