Deadline extended for the 2020 Nugporn book

3 months ago

The deadline has been extended for the 2020 Nugporn book

But only till December 28th. I have to have time to get the layout done so the first book can be ordered by December 31st. You can see the 2019 Nugporn book here check out the original post for all the details.


So submit your nugporn images

And what you know about the buds, hash, dabs that you are submitting at the beginning of January a list of contributors will be posted along with the order they will receive their copy of the nugporn book.

How to submit your images

You can submit the images and information about the images in the comments below if you do not use discord but I prefer they be submitted on discord. There is a link in my Discord server page for submissions you can find it here
Submissions have been extended till December 28rd. I need time to write out descriptions of everything and I don't want to be rushed like I was last year. So if you want your work in the next book, please get those submissions in on time. And just like last year, if there is not enough interest I will table the project. Till next time stoners, it's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass.

These books are not for sale the only way to get one is to contribute to the book or to win one of the very limited numbers that will be available.

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Magnificent Mile 8th  p1.jpg
Mag Mile m3.jpg
Mag Mile p1.jpg

Candyland p1.jpg
Candyland m3.jpg
Candyland m1.jpg
Candyland m2.jpg

The first 3 are Magnificent Mile, the last 4 are Candyland. There are reviews of each on my page, feel free to use any description you'd like :) Merry Christmas and happy holiblaze!




Thank you 😊😊😊