Blue Guava Blackmarket review

5 months ago

So Blue Guava is in today's blackmarket menu

Today was the day I needed to go refresh my supplies. As I do not like running out. That statement kind of makes me laugh as I have 6 strains currently plus a massive roach collection so the idea of me running out is kind of laughable. But 3 of those strains are curing but they are very close to being ready. But today is all about the new strain Blue Guava.


Blue Guava

Is a cross between Blue Dream and Guava Kush. It has a hint of earthy flavor and a stronger sweet tropical fruity taste about it. The flavors are very unique as there is also a spice citrus flavor about it.


The high

Is a creative and euphoric high that doesn't cause couch lock but is relaxing and will likely help one get a restful nights sleep. It is also effective for pain relief and stress. I don't suffer from anxiety unless I am going to a medical doctor but normally the strains that relieve stress also helps anxiety. I could have used this strain Wednesday when I went back to the doctor.


Overall I give this strain a 8.5

It is up there in quality but being a 50/50 hybrid it loses some points with me as I prefer Indica or Indica heavy hybrids. But it is still on the rotation to buy again if it comes back up.



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Frosty! Looks a little better than your average pull, nice!


Since that big bust a few months ago it has been harder to get a variety.

I gotta track down some of this blue guava or just the guava Kush! Never heard of either and it definitely looks good.