Blackmarket Granddaddy Purple

5 months ago

Since my Northern Lights stash is low

I went and picked up a new strain. This weeks blackmarket brought me some Granddaddy Purple. The smell is a strong fruity sweet smell. The taste is also fruity. I love the taste and smell of this strain. The buzz is relaxing and makes me want to get crafty. Here is a little nugporn of what I picked up.






I could only get a quarter

As it was the last of the batch. So I could only get a small amount. So I will be picking up a different strain from another one of my connections to get through till my main guy reups and can hook this girl up. And I do always have some dabs, ejuice, edibles and tincture to fall back on if I do run out. Plus my massive roach collection.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Looks like some of the nicest nug you've posted! Gratz on the score


It is hard to find the pretty colors in the black markets sometimes

They definitely are very purple, they look good enough to eat just as they are, Lol. That's an awesome score from the black market, thanks for sharing, bong on. :-)

Beautiful nugporn indeed. One can see why it's called grandaddy purple indeed. Really beautiful.

Those are the real purps! Some of the purplest GDP I've seen!

I have checked blackmarket and made a purchase once around 8, 10 months back but i got scammed. Since then i haven't trusted it again. Is there any confirm dark-web market that can be assured as authentic and where scams are less ?


When I say blackmarket I meaning on the streets I am not buying off the darkweb


Ah ok.

Nice score, GDP is always an awesome strain

that's amazingly similar looking to what i saw and got a tiny bit of this week ... !

That looks delish!!!


It smells and taste good but buzz wise I give it a 7 out of 10

That is some beautiful purp! Hopefully the new score looks just as nice.