Black market Platinum Kush review

6 months ago

Was getting frustrated because I was running low

I have a little bit of the gorilla glue left, one bowl left of the passion fruit. I been trying to reup for 2 days and no luck. But finally tonight I got word that some Platinum Kush came in. It is a beautiful indica-dominant strain that takes on a platinum-silver shade due to its thick coat of crystal resin. Lots of pretty orange hairs and a slight purple tint.

Here are some images for your nugporn viewing pleasure








This strain gets the creative juices flowing

So if you are into arts and crafts this strain will pair well with it. But it also can cause couch lock if you smoke too much at one time. The smell is strong and pungent. Take care traveling with this in black markets as if it is in a plastic bag the smell comes through it. I highly suggest glass for travel to keep the smell down. This is a very dank strain. I might have to invest in some seeds of this strain. I give this strain a 8.5

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Wow all those red hairs look amazing, have you ever tried plucking off all those red hairs and smoking them in a cone? I reckon it would blow your socks off, Lol. Bong on. :-)


It is pretty damn good. I slept great last night.


Looks like it would put you in a induced coma more like it, Lol. Bong on. :-)


LOL it is so good I am thinking about going and playing the Pot Fairy today and going and getting a few people baked....

I love platinum kush, real crisp flavor


I have to say it is a really good one, I like it a lot and am going to try to pick up some more of it before it is all gone.

Holly Molly. Look at those hairs. So so many hairs on it. Its unbelivable. It looks so beautiful. Is it by any chance a skunk? They tend to have all penetrating smells.


It is a little skunky but not as bad as it could be. But the smell is strong before burning.

So many orange hairs - those are some nice looking buds. I like how they trimmed them, leaving a few crystal covered leaves on them. Sounds like a good buzz :)


The hairs and crystals on this bud is on point that is for sure..

We can use this bud for the upsmoke button :P Looks like fire! Nice :)


It is a nice strain

Feels like you have that gorila glue in abundance. This looks kind a great, and it is awesome when your sources know the strain.


I am nearly out of the Gorilla Glue actually but that batch had those seeds in it so I am attempting to grow some.

this will be one good strain to use when you are ready to drift off into a peaceful a meditation


It sure is. I am very happy with this strain. Plus it is real pretty to look at.

This strain should have a grat ability to induce sleep. It must be a powerful weapon against insomnia.


I slept really good last night so you might be right.