Black Market Blue Dream

6 months ago

Yesterday I spend some time with my oldest

We were out and about when she said "Hey let's go back to my house to get high" I was like okay twist my arm. I had my dab cartridge but I alway prefer the taste of flower over the concentrates. Though I do love the high from the concentrates. She scored some Blue Dream. Normally what she scores is what I would call mids and not medical grade but this score she did good as she scored medical grade.

So I asked to take a nug and take some nugporn photos

That word "nugporn" triggered her she did not like the phrase but I am like that is what it is called. I really wish I had her reaction to the word on video cause it was funny af. But she did relent and allow me to take some nugporn of her Blue Dream then she called the nug a cheap whore. LMAO.... Without further ado here are some Nugporn for younto enjoy.







The review

The taste had a hint of bluberry flavor with some earthy hints. The buzz was mild in the head and heavier in the body. The smell was berry and earthy. Over all I would give this strain an 8 out of 10. A decent good strain that does the job. It isn't the best but not the worst strain either. I would buy this strain if I come across it.

Till next time stoners

It is 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass




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Blue Dream is fire when grown and cured correctly..


Part of it might be the age, you know how the blackmarket is @davedickeyyall you get what you get and sometimes it is a little older than one might like. Can't wait for my harvest..... Fresh bud.. Oh my.... Been a very long time since I have had access to fresh bud all the time, not since I moved from California back home, but I really hated living in California the only positive was cheap fresh cannabis for me living there.

Can't go wrong with blue dream. Maybe soon she will get to buy mom's medical grade :)

For now i can only imagine how good it's taste would be.


If you ever vacation in the US lmk and I will smoke you out.

Looks like a really dense and hard bud. Bet it released the smell when you crush it.

It looks tasty and the name even sounds tasty. I'm glad it did the job for you, bong on. :-)