Benevolence: a black market review

8 months ago

Today's black market choice is Benevolence

Belevolence is a cross between Mendo Breath Ultraviolet and Mendodawg Horizons. My neighbor was raving on this strain and when my connection had it I decided to grab some up to try. The buds are tight and dense and the trichomes coverage is really nice.




The buzz

Everyone around me is saying for them it is heavy, but for me I find it not to be a heavy buzz, but one that is good for pain relief without feeling too heavy. But that is likely the tolerance I have, very rarely do I ever find Indica and Indica heavy hybrid having that effect on me. I am enjoying the buzz from this strain very much.



The taste and smell

There is an earthy herbal pepper smell and taste with this strain. As much as I enjoy the buzz I don't enjoy the taste of this strain. I like earthy piney cannabis but never have been a fan of the taste of the earthy herbal pepper taste. But now I have finally tried it, I get loving the buzz but for me tastes matters too and I don't enjoy this taste. So if I have other options I will choose the other options over this. Bjt if you enjoy that type of taste you will enjoy this strain not just for the buzz but also the taste. Many of my friends enjoy this taste.


Overall I give this strain an 8.5

It loses points cause of taste for me. But the buzz is spot on enjoyable. So give benevolence a try if you get a chance. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass.



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Shame about the taste .Glad it's a good buzz though. Slightly Unusual strain name but many are,as more and more new strains appear .I'm always interested in any new strains,anyhow.


Yes but that is a personal preference thing not actually a real issue. LOL

That looks great! The strain today on my menu was Premium Huckleberry Kush, which I'm discovering is quite good and making me stupid as I smoke it:)


that has a tasty sounding name. The other two strains I picked up are tastier than this strain is, with equally nice buzzes will be writing about them in the coming days.