A morning break with some Grapefruit

last month

Busy busy day

I have editing to do and other things happening today that it is going to be a busy busy day. It already has been and it is just past 11 am. But it is time to take a morning break with some Grapefruit. I have done a review on this strain before so I won't bore you with another review you can read it here.


Today's buds are pretty

I wanted to share the pretty buds I am smoking on today. Hence this post. I really love the flavor of this strain and the prettiness of the buds.


It is one of my favorites my grower grows

I love the sweetness of the flavor and the buzz is pretty nice too. I am a big fan of this strain. I will be sad when it is all gone.


Light changes everything

Many don't understand light and Photography. Light can change how things look and appear on screen. I changed the lighting in this last photo to show you guys how lighting makes a big difference when we share. I should always make sure to use white light or natural light when taking Nugporn photos but I sometimes am in a rush and don't do what I know I should be doing.


Take a break

Smoke a fat one, till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass that shit.



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I was gonna say the same, the buds look really pretty...and that smoke.io mouse pad is awesome 🤩💚

Really pretty buds you got there! i like the design of that logo pad you have, just simple and neat!

You definitely have a good skills. Nice buds and really amazing.

When are you going to set up your grow again?


it will be awhile will DM you in discord

Looks pretty awesome those buds! I recognise the mouse pad logo from the can opener you sent me and whenever I use it for my apple cider I think of you... lol, Thanks!


I like many of the designs but I really like the simple clean lines this design has.