A Mendo Breathe cross

6 months ago

I picked up some more of that Mendo Breathe cross I had a couple of weeks ago

I had a stoner visiting over the weekend and went through more cannabis than normal. And my friend who score some of the Mendo Breathe cross while at the Cannabis cup had some left so I decided to score through him and get something different from my regular connections. Plus I had some a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty fire.

I thought some of these buds were pretty

And thought I would take some nugporn shots for your viewing pleasure.








I hope you enjoyed the nugporn

Now I am ready for another buzz so, I so I am packing up the bowl for my bong and am about to fire it up. What are your plans for today? Let me know in the comments below.


So smooth and tasty in the bong

So till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass



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I have to get a tooth pulled in a few hours :(


ouch last time I had to have a tooth pulled cannabis tincture was my best friend


Wasn't too bad. The pain of pulling it, was nothing compared to the pain with it in and knowing it will never hurt again is even better.


That is always the good thing about a bad tooth coming out.

That looks damn tasty haha ant that looks like one big hit you took there looking at the bong great share! I think we should do a smoke.io get together somewhere and have a blast just like we had here in South Africa Durban I mean just think of the traffic we can generate just by getting together and smoking some bud together then maybe you could let me have a toke of that! ;)