Testing camera - Nugporn

in #nugporn
17 days ago

Just got new phone few days back and didn't have any good flower to take photos.

Got some organic guava breath and let me tell you it smells DANK

Strain: Guava Breath
Camera: p30 Pro




Got to say this camera is way better than my s10 camera was.

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Nice nugs....Some suggestions: you have to avoid direct light falling onto your weed when you shoot nug images, otherwise it will result as overexposed... better shoot before a window but the light coming from outside should be filtered by a curtain where light still shines through... try it! Your pics will be clearer.


@indaymers is right on!


Thanks will give it a try

Great Pics:D


Thanks, Got some more but going to try to get a review out at some point 😁

Those buds look extra tasty! Did it have a full flavor taste?


Yeah they really are. Some most flavorful I've had in while but I love that about organic the taste is so much better

Looks bomb!

Just wanted to see what a little editing could do, dont be mad please. 🤗🤔🤗Did this with the "photoshop express" app on android if you want to play with it yourself. Its free and i love it. Also did the bud have a fruity/tropical taste/smell? Looks tasty!





Thanks I have never really used any editor will have to try it