Show Me Your Best Shot Week #1

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2 years ago

Weekly contest

Show Me Your Best Shot


Do you have a sick nugshot you want to share and maybe have a chance to win some smoke from it?

This is going to be the start of a weekly nugshot contest. I mean we all love to share that perfect nugshot off right? Well starting today and every Monday after we will have the Show me your best shot #nugporn contest.

I am planning to have a different kind of nugshot requirement every week, Some weeks maybe best macro some may be best digital art and so forth like that.

I have got 3 judges for these contest they will all earn 4.20 smoke each week they are able to judge this contest. If you would like to skip a week and be a judge DM me on discord.

Week 1 judges -

Week #1

This first week I am going to start this contest off with an easy nugshot for most to take and that would be just a normal nice nugshot, No macro just a good zoomed out shot.

The prizes are as follows

1st - 100 smoke
2nd - 75 smoke
3rd - 50 smoke

To enter this all you have to do is Pick your best shot by May 19th and post it in the comments in this post. Please do not make a post with the entry I will not count it.

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24125354-962384240582558-7982376932148772864-n My entry


Oh shit, that looks incredible!


I hope i win :D


Wow. Nice nice


May the odds be with me


Nice flower


Thanks :)

My entry Cherry Kush


this is a killer looking flower


Thank you. I really love the colors 💚

skywalker kush.jpg


that is a great photo. that is also some nice flower


Thanks, it's Skywalker Kush

Really cool contest @skylinebuds!

I recently took a photo of some cannabis I'm smoking with my ZTE PRESTIGE 2 smartphone. (Camera specs in link.)
I was particularly impressed with the clarity of this photograph, mostly because I bought this phone when it first came out, and it survived an entire summer in my pocket while roofing. The fact that it far exceeded the life expectancy of most cell phones under those conditions, and still takes decent photographs blows my mind, but enough rambling, here it is:


Thank you for the contest! ✌️😎


Dam man that is a killer photo for the old beat up phone. I know right what you mean about roofing and phones I broke 2 last year haha


Thank you for the compliment, I'm happy you like it!

Yeah, construction and gadgets do not mix. The memories.. 😅


Dr. Who, just telling you to #smoke

Make room please, piece of hashish coming through...


It has as much colors as Irish weather. 50 shades of Gray...


Make room? Piece? How bout a chunk? No rather Brick coming in! sheesh...


That’s so fresh you got my vote!

a bit of Cheese by the window