She / it hermed Dam what could I do wrong

in #nugporn
10 months ago

So my best plant for looks to date has hermed it self with out my knowledge.
I was quite shocked to see that the plant I had with the best looking a growth was a herm, yes a dam herm.


Well Idk I have never had an auto herm On me so I will see how the flower is, I am going to try and grow a few of these seeds and see what kinda results I can get from them

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Stressed? Lights infrequent, temperature swings?

It sometimes happens, without doing anything wrong even. More frequently than winning the lottery actually.


I am thinking that is may have been the PH issue a while back, IF not I am stumped light was on 24/7 so that is not the issue, Temp could be an issue it does move up and down at night may be more than this one liked


It could have just been the genetics. What strain is this and what breeder?

Some strains just hermie easier then others. What I have learned it is environmental.

Damn bro that’s unfortunate. On the bright side at least you can grow them.

It happens when the plant is growing outside. The wind can bring the dust from the other plants, Pollination is also possible.