Friday Night Nugs #1

5 months ago

Hello smokers, Been a few days for me posting or being active, I have been around and leaving a few comments but not be That active. I wish I could show you what I have been working on but I am trying to keep it till I make a post and show it off a bit more.

In the last 4 or 5 days I have learned so much about HTML5 CSS still haven't learned much new on JS but I can tell you that I hope to have a great working product soon.

Start of a new series of post

I have so many reviews that I need to finish and get posting them all for you to enjoy but I was wanting to start a new set that I want to post Friday nights ( I have a list now on what day I post what I hope to follow it to). Now i am no pro at taking BUDtography but I plan to prefect my skills and bring the best Friday night Nugs I can.

In this I will show Of A nugshot from a couple different strains

This will be different from my reviews as this will mostly be a nugshot post with some talking about my week and what I hope to learn. This strains on Fridays will also be ONLY from UPCOMING reviews all the photos will be original to the #fridaynightnugshots series with reviews coming the week following.



#Gorilla Glue #4


Pink Yoda


Gorilla Cookies


That is some sneak peeks at the week to come reviews. I am hoping this week to get a sneak peek at the project I am working on to help benefit smoke and the end user ( you awesome people)

#nugporn #nugshot #nugs #fridaynightnugs budtography



Remember to go upvote witness and read who all the witness are and you can read what they do here


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The Gorilla Cookies looks like some purpa derp! But that Rockstar looks hella fire though!


lol purpa derp


purpa derp that is a new one haha

that made me laugh

Those cookies look yummy, but loving the tails in the gorilla glue nugs too.


They sure are tasty, GG is a great strain and these show why

Ha Ha ... Pink Yoda.... Enjoy it, You Will. Good Buzz it will bring.


Haha It was a must have cause star wars is awesome 😀

IS gorilla cookies a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue?


Yeah, Thin mint and GG#4 such a great mix

Pink Yoda hahah that sounds like a very interesting strain. Can't wait to see the review on it. High you must be. A great review you write will.


Right I thought about writing a review like that but that might have turned out bad


I think it would be a funny post. But I don't know about the others. But I still can't wait to read the review.

Nice buds mate, I especially like the Gorilla Cookies they look pretty mad, they look more dense that to others. How do they smoke good? bong on bro. :-)


Yeah, even the photo's don't make up for the looks of it.. reviews coming this week for them all

wow good work Keep up with the good work, a lot of people out there gets motivated resmoked

Uhhh nice solid rocks!!!! i would like to smoke all of them right now! ;)