410 Autoflower

in #nugporn
2 months ago


Ready to ship her down in 2 days. She is almost 30% amber on top cola.

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Damn almost seems like yesterday you popped the seeds!


Right. Autos are good for that but nothing like regs.

She is looking really good and healthy 😍💚


Thanks, they are looking better every day

Ingonoring that inbred helps


Nice try using my own insults against me. It's that 5-year-old IQ you've got going on that makes you do that. The whole "I'm rubber, you're glue" line of thinking. ;-) No worries, you're the one who fucks your cousin/sister every day. That fat hog of a woman. LOL. I'd hate life too and rage and lash out and get triggered easily if my life was as pathetic as yours is too! ;-) I don't blame you, son. I forgive you.


The fuck about this looks good and healthy? LOL. Majorly nute burned tips, what looks like possible mold (That, or it's potassium deficiency or iron or something of the sort.), it has nitrogen deficiencies (Which you still need during flowering in decent amounts, durrrr.), looks to be a bit of a sulfur and zinc deficiency as well. Among other issues, those stand out. The buds are also weak, feathery, puffy buds it seems. All these "teas" and "dressings" and shit you amateurs do is retarded. No till soil is a joke too, unless you're an insanely experienced grower who knows how to constantly and properly monitor the situation and adjust properly and accordingly. Most can't. It's an art for a reason and your "art" looks like a doodle drawing of a pile of dog shit. LOL! It looks like @stickybudz post. @skylinebuds aka: @dipshitbuds, You clearly have no idea what you're doing and you're just making it up as you go and people are supporting you because they like you, not because your content is quality. Don't come at me with bullshit or I'll tell you what's real about your shitty little posts. Learn to manage ph properly, nutrients too, then you'll realize you can use absolute garbage soil (As long as you cook it first, cheap soil always has bugs.) and get some absolute beauties without needing to do all that pretend bullshit that only works if you have a constant monitoring of the whole plant, each one, from root to tip. Your cute little methods and all the other ones are funny to me, as all you really need are basic plant foods with the proper N-P-K ratios from any local garden store, some hydrogen peroxide, some epsom salt, and some fucking ph strips. Growing is an art, yes, but it's far from a hard art. All it takes is more time. The more time spent, the better they are, unless you're a fucking dimwit, then you get plants that look like this crap, with shitty little buds come harvest time, tips all nute burned to fuck and the growth no doubt stunted because of that along with ph issues and undoubtedly not understanding the absorption rates and nute lockout levels of all of the various nutes...

Sometimes you fucktards forget that these grow similar to weeds and that sometimes the best option is less watering and less bullshit fucked all into the soil. Worm castings are about the only fucking thing that you've done that've given you nearly any hope, especially because they've got little worms in them that can aerate the soil and shit more to fertilize more with what your plants actually need. You have barely a clue about things and want to seem like some experience, professional, genetic breeding, savant. You're a low IQ fuck with a dream and a chromosome or two short of achieving that dream. This grow right here shows what your skill level truly is, as large bushy bullshit has a lot more time to recover and is more resilient.

For doing a quick grow challenge and being the head of coordinating and starting it, you sure are a fucking amateur. Not even that, because even an amateur could fucking google what to do and what's really necessary and see the results on grow forums and see that all the bullshit is for the birds.

Any real grower is doing 12/12 "from seed" anyhow. Less water used overall (About 1/4, for 1/2 the yield.), less root distribution (Meaning more nutrient absorption and less loss due to empty root space and runoff and another reason why less water is used. It covers the root space better with less runoff.), less chance of overwatering/mold due to less empty root space, faster recovery time should you still somehow overwater (Less soil, less retention.), faster fixes for nute problems (Burns and Deficiencies.), the harvest time is 1/2-2/3 that of doing it with a full veg cycle, the benefits go on and on. SoG is the way to go, if you're where it's legal. If you're not, then you're still better off doing 12/12 "from seed" and getting bud faster and more consistently, and keeping it fresher longer. I'd rather have 20-30 strains cycling over the course of months, than have 4-8 or whatever low number the legal places that are limiting people to, put on the people, growing for 3-5 months. I'd rather grow 4-8 and have them harvested by 1 1/2-2 months and then be on the next set and be able to cycle thru or breed more strains and have my bud be fresher because it's not some shit I harvested 5 months ago while I waited 5 months or even 3, on my next shit. Only retards grow anything but 12/12 "from seed." Of course, if I were to grow again, I would know what I'm doing so my shit wouldn't look like this garbage. It'd have received simple care and simple maintenance and simple feeding/watering and would have been a mammoth compared to your crappy little plant. I've easily gotten 2oz from 12/12 in a damn 16oz solo cup with none of that shitty nute burn all over the leaves and nute deficiencies left and right. LOL! I love how you mock me and try to act like I'm some spamming troll, and like you care about the content when your content is absolute fucking garbage dumpster fire trash. Last person to be leading a challenge of any sort. You should've left this 100% to the big boys who obv know what they're doing and just been a participant. You're hardly the face to put to a project on just about anything, you're an invalid. It's hard to even watch you struggle to try to be relevant. LOL. :-)

She is sweet :D One love to try one of her buds!

Wow wow beatiful bro...!!!👍😇

What happened to this? It looks really small and like it has had a lot of problems. Is this one that you tried to save and managed to get to flower still? Does the "410" have some significance as to why it looks like this? Just wondering.