Og Kush #nugporn ! and a quick rant!

5 months ago

20190902_063721.jpgHere is some #nugporn of this weekends smoke. Enjoyed smoking and reminiscing about days when cannabis was a lot more simple and original.

Nowadays it's tough to get past all the misunderstandings and confusion about this wonderful plant.

You might hear things like "Nothing compares to indoor bro!" or "I only smoke sativas cause I like the body high so I can chill" I find it sad that everyone is an expert now. Facts get so misconstrued, but jus smile in the face of ignorance and you'll be just fine!

All this confused hype should soon change though as I have seen some very epic advances technologies being created this year to define the world of #Cannabis as we know it and the #Strains therein.

Smoke and Smoke some more!

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terminology getting too jargonistic for your tastes?


hahaha... @indica I definitely love the intricacy of terminology.