Durban Poison - #Strain Review and #NugPorn!

8 months ago

So I was Blessed with some Durban Poison Seeds a few years back and have kept them sealed in a cool place. I received 3 seeds at the time and I finally decided to germinate one of them seeings as I had the space to spare in my grow room.

After much anticipation and a almost impossible 3 week wait since harvest, the bud is finally ready to be tested.

The seeds come from Dutch Passion Seeds so I knew I was guaranteed quality bud as the outcome.

Here's a pic of the 2 buds that were smoked for this review...
Durban Poison siC.jpg

Still am gobsmacked at how purple some of the bud is, I've known Durban Poison to have purple in it at times but damn this lady has the Purps!

So Durban Poison is a Landrace strain originating from South Africa (Where I Live).
Guess South Africa has one thing going for it!

Immediately after the 1st toke I felt its effects come over me this rarely happens, I felt like a high school kid again smoking chronic for the 1st time.

Very euphoric effect with a stimulating buzz. After the Euphoria wears off it is replaced by mental clarity like no other strain I've ever been blessed with.
This is probably all due to it's high THC Content of + 20%.

Another pic of some of the buds:

Durban Poison 2 siC.jpg
The taste was as earthy as I think cannabis can be, you taste hints of citrus and a sort of lemon candy taste.

The effects had a half life of about an hour then I needed more!
Sometimes I think Cannabis could be habit forming after all! : )

The mental clarity alone is something that stood out for me with this strain.

I would really recommend this strain as one to use when needing to be productive, creative and precise!

I will definitely be making this strain a regular occupant in my grow room! First have to sacrifice 1 of the 2 seeds as a mother and I'm good to go!

Have a blessed week further 'Smoke People'.

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This pictures are really beautiful. I know what you mean about tolerance and the “high” starting to wear off quickly. I sometimes turned to smoking just little puffs or eating small doses of edibles (20ish mgs) every 2-3 hours when I need ongoing medication.


Thanks @potspoon! Tolerance build up does get frustrating. When medicating we should explore different strains that assist with specific treatments in order to dilute the tolerance our bodies build up so quick! What edibles were you using every 2-3 hours?


I make them. I switch it up between gummies and cookies and teas and then I just made butter mints. My dispensary sells decarb’d cooking hash so it makes the process easy. I’m lucky.

thanks for good review , good pics , will have to add to list of ones to try .


Thanks @clupo911 ... Yes definitely a legendary strain!

So organic! It is better and the best when you have your own plant rather than buying outside. Some grower used chemical to gain more harvest.