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7 months ago

Can't share weed wallpapers you can virtually find anywhere it seems. Nuf said

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At least one of those images is rather known by Google.

Do you own the license to these images? Are you allowed to use them commercially yourself? Are you allowed to redistribute them?

PS: I didn’t check them all, I posted here as soon as I hit bull’s eye in Google.



I have purchased all of the images from Envato and own the license for each. Thanks for checking.


Can’t find them on Envato//Photodune.

Also the third photo is an AP file photo it seems.

Rather popular in use by news sites, many trusted ones who wouldn’t label it AP File Photo if it weren’t.



That RAREDANKNESS Night terror OG (fifth photo) looks good.

Think a seeds breeder would put that on envato, or buy it from envato? Seems, over at Rare Dankness, they’re rather picky in what they do looking at their about page