Peanut Butter Breath pt. 2

6 months ago

Its back!!

Today I decided to smoke more of the Peanut Butter Breath from my local #Lyfted farms and show it off in closer detail compared to my first post.

Genetics: Dosido + Mendo Breath
Very much dosido dominant in look and smoke.

*This video was uploaded and edited from my phone so I apologize for the quality.

What are you guys smoking on today? 🤔

#Staylyfted #Blunts #life

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The art on the jar is awesome.

wow these buds are incredible looking - keep these posts coming! 👍

When you wish iPad was scratch’n’sniff

😆😆 that looks like it was a tasty roll!
I’d be productively unproductive after a big ol blunt like that. Sometimes that’s exactly what I need. I call it ‘doing paperwork’ haha

That look dank as hell, how does she smoke, tasting like peanut butter or smelling like it at all?


One of the smoothest breakdowns/smokes all season.

She definitely has a nutty smell to her, and the taste is a combo of more earthy with a touch of nuttiness.