Late Saturday Night With Snow White / Buds Photos And A Joint

2 months ago

Saturday Night With Snow White

Buds Photos And A Joint

Smoke's Not Dead, We're Just Stoners


If you ask me, there aren't enough quality photos of cannabis. Photos you might actually hang on a wall. Soothing images of a nature-scape just intriguing your mind with every glance...

I like taking photos close up of cannabis, close enough to lose perspective of what you are actually looking at. When you remove the stigma of the government's 'Pot Propaganda' I find more people are interested in the image itself. A far cry from the scribbled pot leaves I used to draw as a teenager in notebooks while attending school. Yha, probably should have been doing something different in the school house, no regrets.


What better time to take photos of some buds than Saturday night. Not too bad of a time to roll up a joint and type up some rambling here on Smoke as well. Share some of the images I shot and edited tonight.


This here is real Smoke content. This is the type of things I want to see on smoke. This post was completely written tonight, the photos were taken tonight, the images were edited tonight.

I myself don't even have the time to post this type of content everyday. It is completely understandable not to be posting like this were Facebook, it is not. In my opinion, flooding this communities blockchain with worthless one-off photo posts and copied content will just make it another sewage holding spot. So you may hear people say, 'This chain must be dead, no one's posted in hours.' Maybe that's good, maybe this is our proof of good quality content voting in action. Keep in mind...

As Long As There Is Cannabis, There Will Be Smoke



I love looking at trichomes, how about you?


My 7.99USD grinder still makes a great pose if you ask me. Never shy, always full of love, and never complains to work.



Snow White grinds up so nice. It is just the perfect weed to roll, or at least my cure of the strain is...



Thanks for checking out the photos, did any of them stick out to you? Have you had the Snow White strain? Comment bellow for the community to see. I think my Snow White has a very rich flavor of hashish and berries. It has a heavy high, and is definitely my go-to nighttime strain onhand.

Until next time, Toe, Toe, Toke it up!



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Totally right. For most members, even those in legal states, there just isn't something to write about every day.

Not everyone thinks they should post pictures of yet another joint, day after day.

And then there's people in prohibition nations who barely have any access to the greens we love so much, and when, often it's not show-worthy.

I usually compare this topical niche to the aquarium niche. I am member of multiple (marine) aquarium forums and most members only have an update about their tank every few weeks. Rewards wouldn't change that either, they post to the forum for longer form. The rest they share on IG where the scale of members is much bigger and the likes are many.

For those who want to post daily, surely there's few opportunities to bring value (hint: news, studies, history).

I do like this update tho. And am looking forward to when you start growing again, you had some solid plants last year.

Yo, you're gonna need some Snow White for your new galactic adventure! Great post & high-quality pics!


I read chapter 1. Very nice.

I think you're exactly right. I see buds like clouds. Each one is very different, even though they might for a moment seem as if they are similar and almost identical to another. This simply isn't the case because no two things. with very very few exceptions, in nature can ever be truly exactly alike. Snowflakes are all different and even though they appear similar in some cases, they have minor characteristics that make them unique and individual in their own ways. I see no reason why the same idea wouldn't apply to buds.

Love them all your images, perfect!

Good positive vibes for Great close ups.