Girl Scouts [A Closer Look]

2 months ago


Girl Scout Cookies

Everyone loves it when the Girl Scouts come around. I know I do... This batch isn't too bad at all, there is a lot of color to it. I just had to snap some bud photos, and what better time than now? After all @skylinebuds is running a #nugporn contest! You can see his post here. Consider this my entry...

What I'm smoking on here is just that the famed Girl Scouts. These smell delicious, so much so it came double bagged. Just chunky fresh buds. I get it by the 1/2 oz, it didn't take many of these chunks to fill the order. It is rather dense, yet so fresh you could squeeze it a bit. Give it a day left out forgotten and I'm sure it wouldn't squish at all.


High Def, up close, these buds shine out through the monitor. Loaded with trichomes and spirally hairs, the purps blend the orange and green hues to perfection. Another fabulous black market score here!




I give out some props to this cultivator! They really took care of these gals with a lot of love. I guess that's another way to say this is some higher quality Smoke!



Sorry to flood your browse here on with loads of porn, #nugporn that is.


Let's smoke some of this shit. Try to describe cookie heaven. First things first, the grind.


With the freshness, this weed burns crooked in a joint. I need to let it cure a bit longer to really get it to burn right. However, in a chillum it is just fine as long as you grind it up. If it's not ground the buds just rock up from all the resinous goodness. This is definitely weed that will clog up your smoking utensil of choice, so be sure to clean it out after every bowl!


The smoke is very full, it brings a very heavy fruity citrus flavor to me. Take a big rip of this stuff and hold it, just like Chong, get the bowl and re-load it! Two hits will give your head a nice little buzz or rather tingle from grin to ear, but please don't stop there. Hit it 5 or six times, it is definitely worth it!

Not much of a lock you down buzz, but be cautious overdoing this one, I honestly just past out sitting in a chair after hitting a bit more than necessary. No worries, I'm not driving.

Well until next time stoners, remember to toe toe toke it up!



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Nice entry. This is one the best looking GSC i have saw. I am not a big fan GSC but this cut may be worth the try.

looks fantastic buddy.

Nice piece of that