Black Market Unknown...Unfortunatly

3 months ago

Wish I Knew What This Was

Had to make a trip to #Chicago recently. Since my fam is from the area, and some are still there, I decided to hit up my brother and see what type of warez were traveling around the Aurora area.

He had a couple of different types of #nug he dropped in a care sack for me. One of the buds just blew my mind. With medical being around Illinois, there is a good chance this was some of the benefits.

I can't begin to describe the bud it is so flippin perfect. The taste is definitely grow medium / wonderful cannabis a bit sour. The bud smoke is so smooth, almost hash like. Here are some pics of that wonderful bud footage!


Nice n frosty!


A bit fuzzy!


Can trichomes really grow trichomes?

This bud is dense, really fresh, but cured just right. The buzz is instant and face numbing, eye watering. If I didn't get this from my brother I'd of sworn someone fugged up and passed off their personal coke coated goodness. Not my bag of goods but to each their own.

If anyone recognizes this bud(almost impossible) please comment, I'd like to add this strain to my collection.

Until next time! #Smoke...Get Paid...Repeat!


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That looks pretty good for the black market! nice

Nice close ups, you can really see the mushroom heads of the crystals


I love venturing into the close up world of bud! It really is another world.

Its always nice to score some good looking, better smokin, mind blazin bud! Thats some #frostynug

Yeah, I recognize it. Looks like most of the stuff I smoked in Amsterdam.
Really good catch for blackmarket