Nug Shots #5 - Triple Cheese

11 months ago

Greetings everyone!

Just a few shots of my recent side project. Lovechild of Blue Cheese and Original Cheese.

Buds are bit fluffy, but still sticky and full of trichomes.

Got myself a new toy; macro zoom for phone camera. Not a perfection, but for a price tag of 3 quid it does a decent job.

Thank you for stopping by!

Stay Smoked

#strains #triplecheese #barneysfarm #homegrown

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Yeah dude this cheese is getting more and more traction with the people! Before it was Bang and recently like it was forgotten and now it's coming back. Hell yeah man. Got some triple cheese myself, got it as a gift it would be awesome if we could trade some. Enjoy that bud,bud!


People are getting back to classics for some reason and some companies are re-breeding those same classics. Old Barney did an amazing job with this one...

Love the tray...makes you always think you have way more then you actually do ;)


Or if you're colourblind like me, makes you wonder is anything there at all xD


Haha ohh shit :))
"Where is my weed, where is my weed?!?!...ohh i hate this tray"... I hear you scream ;)

Bud has a nice green/blue colour to it ...


Thanks to Blueberry genes...

Those buds look amazing


Amazing strain indeed

teri ma nale teri pen da phoda te ute kuja