Lambs Breath nugs

in #nugporn
6 months ago




This is some danky dank! I think Lambs Breath is a jamaican strain! It's got a real earthy flavor and a super uplifting energetic buzz to it. This is a fantastic strain.

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Damn you seem to have plenty to go around there! Can I help? hehehehe :]+


Sure bro!

I have had this once and it was some fire weed. I wouldn't mind trying the kush breath to see what it is like


Kush breath sounds wonderful!

Man, I have not had Lamb`s Breath for years. I think it used to come with the Jamaican fruit harvesters.

Yeah, it looks really earthy. I like that myself! So can I have a few nuts for the trail?
Lol.... Nice looking buds man. Smoke On


Smoke on bro!

I always thought it was called Lambs Bread?


I dunno, that's not what they wrote on the bag haha!

Lol not a very appealing strain name.. I don't think Lambs brush their teeth so it must stink 🤮 haha!


Maybe that's where the name comes from?

Can you hear the lambs screaming @purpleflowers, Lol. Bong on bro. :-)