Exodus/Crescendo daily smoke & some dope

6 months ago

Diesel having 13 to 23% THC and less than 1% CBD. A pick me up hit which gets straight to the point.

Crescendo is a highly potent strain from Colorado #Smoke Gun Apothecary. With above 20 % THC and hardly any CBD. A couch lock with a great diesel/citrus flavour. Very relaxing and stress relieving.

#nugporn #smoking #witness #cryptosmokers #cannabis #indica #sativa

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Holy shit that's a lot of ganj, do you not get strain lock where one strain after smoking it over and over you stop getting stoned from it? 🤔


To be honest, all the ganja in the bags are mixed strains but about the same quality. I'm always changing strains, smoking different grades/quality and all that jazz. It comes from a massive production line where they don't have time to carefully sort. just pack, seal and send lol


Fair enough haha, no strain lock at these quantities is good 👍