Some New Bud I picked up earlier today. Made some GIF's too, come check'em out.

7 months ago


I don't even remember what they told me it was call but is super fire. It's a got a piney with a strong citrus flavor. Has to be mostly #indica dominant because it puts you into a #weed nap. I was going to write this post when I first got it but after trying it I kind of forgot about the posting. I'm half way down a joint and already finding myself lost in my words. I made a few GIF of rolling up the joint am #smoking now.

I like to cut it up with a nose hair scissor. They have really good blades and super east to clean. But be careful not to cut your fingers. I have many times after a while you get the hang of it. I only do this with small amounts. The #papers I crumble them up before I use them because I feel it grips better when you make that first roll.


I also tend to build out the #joints worth of #cannabis and scoop it up with the lid of the papers. Then a quick tuck and roll WALA! You have a #joint. Years of experience into a few seconds of GIF's :D. For some reason I couldn't get the third GIF I had to upload I'll try it tomorrow. You can see it here.Cya later and smoke on. You can also find me at On IG Also on FB And Twitter On Steemit Follow me on Need Seeds?

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I also use nail scissors, it helps a lot


You can control of the size of the bud better.. Some grinders, grind to much.


I've got like a dozen grinders.. don't think i'll slow down my collecting haha!


I have 2 crapy one for the road but when am home I like to put some work into it lol. My cousin said "it eat my weed" but he's a savage he uses his fingers like a caveman.

That kind of reminds me of Gorilla Glue 4. For me Indica's have a different reaction and I get energy from it. And Sativa's if I smoke too much will have me taking a nap. But sleeping pills make me speed and energy drinks make me sleepy, anti nausea meds make me projectile vomit. So I am weird and opposite of most people.


Things with caffeine tend to make me sleepy. Everyone's body is different and reacts to things differently. I also tend to thing mood has a lot to do with does reactions. Gorilla Glue 4 gets me super paranoid and it the strain strain that causes it. Other sometimes but very little, Gorilla Glue 4 is so bad I don't enjoy. They don't really have Gorilla Glue over here, I'll will get the name next time I go pick some up.


I am not a big fan of GG either. I grow it because I have seeds for it. But smoking that strain isn't something I care to do. So I grow it to make edibles out of. It is popular here that if I wanted to I could sell it but I make more from edibles.

nice ! and cool GIF ! Mr tree :)

Looking awesome hellbya

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