Because Shake is beautiful too, I give to you the "shake pack" by mjgeeks!

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2 years ago

Shake! Sometimes we focus on bud shots so much we forget that the sake and trim has just as much (if not more bc of kief) medicine for a fraction of the price.

For this reason, I decided to feature shake for my first product.

The CBD Shake Pack by mjgeeks

Hi all! Hope all is well with everyone.

I've been super busy over the past week or so. Lots of travel - work related and just life.

But the project I've been working on for several months now is finally live!

The "shake pack" by mjgeeks!

After making arrangements with (super awesome folks and team. The amount of hard work and consistency is amazing! (Shoutout to the packing crew!), they gave me full access to their warehouse in Las Vegas.

First of all, let me just say how impressive it was. There were 2 separate buildings side by side. One was used only for storage. It contained 2 rows of huge grow tents (for controlling humidity). Some had giant containers of flower (pounds and pounds) and others had smaller containers.

I worked in the main building which had a small office up front and a large warehouse in the back. This was where all of the action was.

I initially set up a little station by myself, but eventually joined the crew and set up between 2 full time blunt/ joint rollers and the larger table of folks weighing and packing jars and bags.

Super interesting and nice folks. And great conversations definitely sped up my process of weighing and packing over 500 3.5 gram (most were way over) packs of shake.


Actual weight was from 4 grams with a select few (around 20) weighing over 7 grams).


Surprise Goodies in every Pack

These were supposed to be a surprise, but the cat is now out of the bag. lol.

Every pack has a grinder, a pipe, hemp wick, and some blunt wraps. Because I was able to get the cost so low for the shake, I was able to include these goodies in every pack.


The main goal with these packs was to keep the price down. Also, I learned the reason why small amounts usually cost more. It's because they are just as much of a pain in the butt to pack as large amounts!

That's why the 3.5 gram price is so close to the 7 gram price. But it's still a great deal no matter how you look at it.

3.5 grams - $15
7 grams - $20
14 grams - $30
1 oz - $40

Heres the link

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Well done on the product, it really looks great!

Wish I could try some but importing even hemp buds would get me into trouble.


Thanks!!! And totally understandable. haha.

Agreed, shake is STILL very valuable!
Thanks for sharing the link!

Amazing closeup. Price is cheap as well.

Way to go on the business!

Very beautiful and awesome you were able to get your product launch off the ground. It is freaking awesome. Congrats and good luck with your venture.

Wow, congratulations!!! You´re in business now, and that is cool and great to know.