4 assed photo shoot

last year

My autoflower 4 assed monkey is finishing up so I spent some time yesterday taking some #nugshots . Here some are!! 025B7EC7-C469-4EB7-B786-4FEEC23F967E.jpeg7CD36264-FBFA-4ED9-8A61-3463211E395A.jpeg28B3DA2C-295C-46C4-B760-AF47BCCE9C10.jpegBD8FBA73-1C94-4CCA-A956-AA480FAB3E51.jpegBAFFDDD5-7930-4EA4-8664-321A9C03C4B8.jpeg2F41BCCB-B770-4E47-AF7C-33C9CAF290EB.jpegC9D39D20-356D-4C65-9E3F-D60DE9E61BD5.jpegDBE549D1-17E0-4D88-A47E-F378B9DEDAB2.jpeg0B490852-9613-4669-B178-72886FF6BB10.jpeg0F8AB55F-74A7-4E06-B8DD-5F3F18EC04C4.jpeg0BED1731-129D-4CAE-AA0F-70A0321A2C8B.jpeg hope you enjoyed as much as I do!! #weed #autoflower #mephhead

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Very nice plants. Good work
Greetings :-)

Looking very nice. How much longer till you harvest?


Should be harvesting just after 70 days. She’s around 66 days now

Great job. Thank you for the report.

Very nice grow, coming along well!

great photos! great plants! <3

Awesome grow man. I hope i can someday be as good as you have been with the grow.