my #nugporn #triplecloseup contest entry

4 months ago

Here is my entry for @jackdub `s #triplecloseup contest

This is my own organic Headlamp (Headband x Ambulance), outdoor grown
Grown from clone with composted chicken manure, seaweed, bat guano and love

The first two photos were taken with a small magnifying glass in front of my camera.
The third one, I used a larger magnifying glass.
Artificial lighting (LED)

Was I supposed to use three different nugs? Well here is one :)

Check out the contest here ~

Thanks for looking :)

#nugshots #organic #headlamp #nugporn #triplecloseup

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Nice nugporn, good luck!


Thank you, purp

These are tight looking nugs. Glad to see so many people joining @jackdubs contest

Looking really nice. This bus looks laden with goodness.


Thanks :)
I am very impressed with the potency of this strain that I started. I would like to test the THC level. I`m guessing that it is high.


Looking’s sure funny bud fat fingered is bus.

That third photo has come out really well. 👌


Thanks, Yea, I like how it caught the crystal look on that one

Some really nice colors going on.

That is some sexy nug porn! Especially the extreme close up!



Thanks for the entry - you got some nice close ups there, I like how the magnifying glass one has depth to it. The one above it i like too with the long pistols and the drops on the crystals :) One nug's fine, 3 different photos, they could be different angles or methods, etc, i like your variety.