My favorite varieties - Crystal, Grapefruit, GREEN CRACK))) brief characteristics in

4 months ago

Try Crystal Meth and you won’t regret it.
Once again I take this variety, as for me the coolest variety! Recommend!!!

Crystal METH

THC: Very high
CBD: 1%
Autoflowering: Yes

Grapefruit is a strain with one powerful head high.

70% Sativa / 30% Indica
THC: 20% - 25%, CBN: 1%


Green Crack Auto - famous for its tonic and exciting effect.

THC 13-25%
CBD < 1%


To everyone and everyone - have a nice day. Pleasant taste and smoke.

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I remember the first time someone told me to smoke crystal meth with them. I was like "Hell NO!" but they laughed and said "Just come with me." It was probably one of the first 10 actual strains I had tried. Back when it was illegal, coming across a name for a strain was rare. It was always just called "Loud," "Gas," "Chronic," etc... Anyways, it got me so high I actually freaked out thinking it was laced with actual crystal meth! Of course, it was just one of few strains I'd had that had such a high THC content that it put me on another level beyond what I would usually be on. Having it years later, after having been a smoker for all those years, and having had some a friend has grown, I can say it's much much more pleasant these days. :) Fruity buds are always nice so grapefruit is always pleasant as well. Green crack is another one that threw me for a loop the first time I was offered it, but after giving it a shot (Also having smoked the crystal meth strain by then as well.) I came to find the name was simply that. A name!

Also, variety is definitely the spice of life! As the saying goes! Much better to have options than to be locked in with a single strain! Never know what mood you might be in to where you might want any specific effect. That's my philosophy at least! Great post!


Great story. Thanks for the comment.))))


Thank you for the vote! Always happy to share a story! My friends complain about how much I talk, so maybe this is a good outlet for that. ROFL! :P

I find those who name strains after serious hard drugs are doing harm to the legalization movement. Those strains are good but they need renamed.


I agree, these names are not suitable for marketing. The names are scary. This can damage legalization. I am for the varieties to be renamed.

Crystal METH - Crystal Flowers Headshot

Both terrible strain names imo haha, I've had green crack before it was a great summer strain


Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad that there is a social network