Nugporn for Friday night.

5 months ago

Today is Friday night and there is nothing better than enjoy a good Nugporn 😁 My son is finally sleeping in his room, so I can sit down and write and take the photos calmly in the kitchen. Yes, today I'm blogging from the kitchen 😎 happens when the kid is at home.

And this time the photo-session will be with a Serious Kush nug.

It looks very good this model in front of the camera and I can assure you that, just as it looks, it is the same in everything else ... taste and effect are really good too ... the effect tending to the calm and relax.🧘

I hope you enjoyed this Nugporn for Friday night.

#marijuana #cannabis #photography #life

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Nice shots man...they are beautiful


Thanks!!! :)

You lucky robot!
Smoke on!


hahahahaha thanks!

Nice kush bro, I love it, looks like some real good indoor


It is indoor for sure ;) it is winter here.

I reckon these would even get The Robot stoned, Lol. Thanks for sharing mate, bong on bro. :-)


I reckon these would even get The Robot stoned

They do, believe me :D