More Macro-Photographs! More poetry for the eyes ...

4 months ago

A few days ago I published the first macro-photographs taken with a lens adapter for a cell phone. Although they looked great, I had my reservations for small differences in color and lack of focus on the edges.

After several tests done these days I have been able to discover ways to take better macro-photos with these lenses. Of course, we can not forget that these cheap lenses are made of plastic and the photo is taken with a cell phone, not a reflex camera or something more powerful.

For reference, this is the photo of the model strain, Hawaiian Haze.

Now comes visual poetry, the Macro-Photographs. This time the colors of the photos seemed much more faithful to me than the first time. At the end I leave one of the first photos to compare.

Enjoy the images!

And so were the first photos taken a few days ago.

As you can see, the color is more bluish and the focus is not the best either.

Then I discovered that one has to play a little with the distance and the angle to achieve a more real color, if the lens gets too close, the color tends to a more bluish tone. It is not an exact science, one has to go and try which is the good distance and angle to achieve the most real color.

In terms of the focus, due to the quality and shape of the lens, it tends to work better on flat surfaces, this means that the flatter the surface to be photographed, the more focus the whole photo will remain and those unfocused edges will not will appear Especially when not having the possibility to adjust the ISO, the shutter speed or the diaphragm of the cell phone camera to achieve more or less depth of field.

Although, as I said before, the use of these lens adapters is not an exact science, they are worth it if you can take photos like the ones I show you here. In case anyone is interested, this was the lens adapter that I bought.

Like the first time I did not correct the colors of the photos in any photo editing program, they are as they were taken, I only reduced them in size. This to be able to see the actual quality of the lens adapter.

What do you think about these new Macro-Photos? Much better than the first batch eh?

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You gotta have some decent equipment to get up in there like that. Budalicious


I think actually it is rather easy, you just need some magnifying glass and a decent camera or phone.

Very nice evolution. You’re definitely starting to get to the grips of your new lens. Great nugporn!

Can these be shared on social? I will add your Smoke profile link in them (bottom right) when I do.


Thanks a lot @unnamed! Took me some tests but slowly I am taking better pics.

And yes, you can use the pics without any problem

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