Macro-photographs of the Hawaiian Haze! Poetry for the eyes ...

4 months ago

Today I finally got a lens adapter for my cell phone. This adapter comes with 3 lenses, a Macro, a Panoramic and a Fisheye lens.

Taking away the fun that the Fisheye lens can offer or the facilities to capture large areas of space with the Panoramic lens, my main interest was in the Macro lens.

I love Macro-photographs!

Of course one of the reasons was to be able to do macro-photographs of thenugs. The inspiration came after seeing several here at SMOKE, and I start today with a bit of Hawaiian Haze that I just bought.

First of all, the Hawaiian Haze in all its splendor!

And now the macro-photographs. Pure poetry for the eyes or visual poetry, as I like to call it.

I still want to do more tests with the new lens. Surely I can achieve a better quality on the edges of the photo and also more fidelity in the colors ... it changes the tone of the colors a bit removing warmth to the image, tending to a more blue tone. I can say that until now I like it but I just want a bit more focus in the borders and fidelity in the colors.

By the way, I did not correct the colors of the photos in any photo editing program, they are as they were taken, I only reduced them in size. This to be able to see the actual quality of the lens adapter.

Do you have these lens adapters for cell phones? What has been your experience with them?

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Hawaiian the sound of that. Is it because the phone macro lense is cheap ,that you get some blurring? Still looks great anyhow.


Hawaiian Haze is pretty good mate, you should try it if you see it around ;)

Well, in general all this lenses are made of plastic and cheaps ... they are some actually goods with prices around 100 to 200 something Euros but it is too much for my pocket and the use I will give to the lenses. I suppose that's the reason it looks like that, yes ... but as you well say, still looks great anyhow ;)


Pd: What I bought

Very nice photos and the buds look amazing.


Thanks a lot!

Pd: I will make some more tests today to see if I can get a better ones (photos) :)

Amazing close-ups mate, they look awesome. Thanks for sharing, bong on bro. :-)

This is amazing I love this post