A bit of Street NugPorn for the Sunday night + Mini-Review

10 months ago

Yesterday I went to visit a friend and he gave me a little of #marijuana that he had grown at home. It is something that does not have a name, he did not know where the seeds he sowed came from, but what I have seen has resulted in a very good product.

Well let's start with the porn!

To be honest it does not have a very strong smell but you can perceive a mild smell, citrus and earthy.

And its color is a dark green with medium blue tones, almost purple in some parts.

When smoked, the flavor that remains is a strong earthly flavor and the truth is that it makes you cough a little. The effect is quite cerebral, I feel floating in the air but at the same time my thoughts are quite coherent, so much so that I am writing this almost without thinking.

Very good for thinking works seems ;)

To test, I also did some photos using the flash and, in this way, make the crystals come out a little more in the nugs.

These are the results.

Shine like diamonds!!!

Well, despite being a #strain from the street, it's not bad at all.

The "no name" goes with a score of 6.5 based on 10!

#smoking #life #cannabis

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That last pick is drool worthy 🤤

Yes please. Might be because of light and contrast but they look kind of a different, like maybe not the same plant.


Well, the last three photos were made with flash to make the crystals more visible and yes, they look different but the weed is the same, just more shinny :) Looks like the flash can make a big difference ...


Focus plays a big role as well.


I do not think focus play a role in this case just the flash light ... Also made a bit of digital zoom, do not know how much affect this to the color if ...

They look real sticky


They feel a little dry at the surface but when you break it and move it between your fingers, it's pretty sticky :)

Nice looking smoko bro, the name isn't as important as the way it looks and smokes. Thanks for sharing these crazy looking nugs, bong on bro. :-)