A bit of NugPorn for this Tuesday evening - Chocolope

4 months ago

Today after finishing the #sport I passed by a friend's house. He had a surprise for me, a few grams of a new #strain in the neighborhood.


Right now as I write this I am smoking a joint of #Chocolope to calm the pains of training and honestly I do not have much head to do a review but I can tell you that it tastes very good and, from what my friend told me, it is an almost pure sativa.

And since the nugs look very cute, I decided to take some pictures at least ...

... for a bit of nugporn.

At the moment I am flying and ...

... these nugs are very sticky!!!

#marijuana #photography #cannabis

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They are very tidy little nugs that's for sure, I bet they smoke as good as they look. That's a great name Chocolope, sounds cool. Thanks for sharing mate, bong on bro. :-)


The smoke is as good as it looks :) and the name rocks!!!

I came across this one last summer, it did not disappoint at all.


Yeah! it is pretty good, nothing to envy other strains actually.

Bright color is eye pleasing. It has nice touch with trichomes. Looks like someone did really good job, trimmings are also good lookin.

It seems like a spongy bud.


Pretty spongy :)

Nice! Come show more nug porn in our server!

They have the looks and since you assure about their taste, then it is a must shot.

Never heard of this one before. It looks good though.


Yeah! For me was new too :) And is pretty good actually ;)

We can all use some nug porn from time to time. Beautifully lookin bud you got there, Bud.

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Chocolope is pretty good, not had it in a while. I should start taking notes of what I liked/disliked when trying crazy strains 🤔


I am actually doing that since I am in the SMOKE network writting :) Too many crazy strains pumping around ;)

This is a cannabis cup winner! Chocolate flavors


lol I had no idea!