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7 months ago



I had a photo shoot just a while ago and am posting my entry to @jackdub´s #nugporn #triplecloseup contest here. I couldn´t make up my mind which macro attachment to I tried the macro attachment for my smartphone as well as the macro attachments for my DSLR camera. The results of each attachment are different.

cover 4.jpg

In my opinion, the best results were taken via the smartphone with the macro attachment. In taking the images I used two different background which were a white tablecloth and the other one was a huge cactus leaf. I like both backgrounds, the first image above shows more a clearer image of the nug as all the lights were reflected into the bud. I was shooting by the window with curtains filtering the ray of the sun.


The green contrast of the cactus leaf also made an interesting effect to the nug, thus it also came out beautifully.

This is the macro attachment used for the smartphone shooting

This image was taken via the Canon DSLR camera with macro attachment...the colors are a bit warmer than those taken thru the smartphone. But all of these can be adjusted thru the settings of each camera

cover 6.jpg
The strain used for these images is amnesia haze.

Keep puffin´ for a high !

Banner courtesy of @li-art

#triplecloseup #contest #smoke #strain #macro #smokephotography

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Got a lot of amber color in there, I imagine from the tricombes. That camera works real good


I was lucky today that there was sun in the afternoon. It gave more light today. Yeah, this strain is good stuff. Thank you.

Nice entry. I typically stay away the the hazes haha.


Thanks. Amnesia haze is the kind of strain that would let you ask who you are? , where you are`?...After 2 tokes and 20 minutes, you will float.

It has different scale of contrast and saturation but DSLR is the most favored camera nowadays, yet smartphone is so handy and won't limit your mobility in taking serious subject in photography.
Well, you got that amazing clicks, cheers!


Thank you @dargonx0x0!
There are high end smartphones that take great images since most camera settings are pre adjusted before they leave the factory. The higher the pixels, the more they cost. It´s true that DSLR cameras are favored nowadays, for me , it is not practical when you go shooting outside because it´s heavier to carry around. And besides, my hands are always shaking so I always make use of a tripod... and that I would have to carry around too when I am shooting outside.


And try to check your samsung phone camera settings if there's a MODE then look for ANIMATION GIF you can have gifs with all your cannabis related photos that if you like.

I can almost smell trichomes. Nice pics.


Lol, Yeah, the macro does it...these nugs look so near to you, right!
Thanks a lot. Cheers!

Super pictures, thats some beautiful nug shots :P


Thank you so much, glad you like them.

Wow fantastic macros.


Thank you dear @offgrid.

Beauty macro shots!


Thank you.

Great photos, your close-ups look amazing, bong on. :-)


Thanks bro , appreciate that you like the images. Yeah, bong on!

Amazing, one day I will be in your place to smoke with you Ma'am @indaymers. It looks so good and I know it gives you something better for your health.


Thanks @lawlai...yes indeed, why not! Let´s puff together and that would be fun to do.

Awesome photos, nice buds too - i like how that leaf on top is caked over. I like how the buds have more noticeable vibrant colors with the close ups. That bud's really caked with the trichomes, sounds like an excellent buzz too. Thanks for the entry into the contest, and for showing your camera and macro lens :)


Hi Jack...Thanks for your lovely comments, support and for dropping by. Glad you like the macros. How I wish I could get those images more vividly. Only a right macro lens can do that job. I am getting a digital microscope tho and it will do justice to the nugs, lol! Cheers.

I almost creamed my shorts...


LOL! :-))

Wishing you to win good luck!


Thanks a lot. glad you visited.