Green Poison - Finally Harvested


Hey Guys!

Today had been the 5th day of flushing the girls... You might have read about my shock yesterday on the worms that attacked the Green Poison. Panicking about the damage it might have cost on the buds, I cut the top where I found the worms! You can read that post here.

7 (2).jpg

The Trimming

I decided to trim the Green Poison yesterday leaving the 2 weeds still inside the pot so I could still do the fifth flushing this morning... and then I finally cut the stems and the branches this afternoon and hang them on the dryer above. You can see below how the strain looked like before the trimming. This was the smaller plant where I found the worms.


As you can see, the whole plant looked so bare after the trimming. And I also inspected each of the bud to see if worms are still lurking in between the nugs.... I found a few but it was not that bad.

During the trimming process


The whole process of trimming was tedious since the buds and the leaves were so sticky because of the trichomes that developed on them. Trichomes are very important to the buds ....

They are actually the very factories that produce the hundreds of known cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that make our favorite cannabis strains potent, unique, and effective.
Trichomes serve as a deterrent for animals because their bitter taste and strong aromas render cannabis flowers unpalatable. At the same time, they also serve a dual function in protecting their plants from damaging winds and even some varieties of fungal growth.

But I am still wondering with the above description of trichomes serving as deterrent for animals , there must have been a substance being so delish that the small caterpillars are fond of. They did not eat the leaves but the only the flowers and the pistils, somehow sipping the nectars or eating the pistils and left the buds drying-out. I noticed this because I found black particles in and around the buds they have attacked, must have been their pooh, Lol!


9 (2).jpg


cover 2.jpg


15 (2).jpg

So the harvest is done and the curing will start soon as the buds are dried. Next in line to be harvested is the Amnesia Platinum and the Bubble Gum and their flushing started already yesterday.

Many thanks for visiting..... keep puffin´ for a high !


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Congrats man! You made it to the end of the growing process. Right now it is some good looking grass. The real work begins with the cure. I’m right behind you on a couple, as I looked this evening I’m approaching 15-20% amber!


Yeah ..toi toi toi. means in the austrian dialect..Good Luck!

Oh wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet youre happy <3


Indeed, I am Francesca dear.

Wow, your harvest look nice and healthy, hope i can really grow something like this in the near future.


I am sure you can... start with 2 seeds or a clone.. if you have little space put this on a window sill where there is sunlight.. I am sure it will grow ..just see that it is well ventilated...

gosh!!! harvest time!! oh! wait. wrong , it's harvested already, im going to buy kilo kilo of that po , LOL. if only you're my kapitbahay , for sure andiyan na me , baka nagtulong o nanood pa ko while harvesting hehe. naku anu po mga next gagawin sa ganyang harvested? istore lang siya? .. so madami of them hehe. naku congrats po s harvest. pero hopefully malessen na mga catterpillar at sa iba na lang sila kumain haha. i guess the buds are too tasty that's why they loved it ... 😉
Keep rockin and puffin po 👌💚💚💚


Yes, i store ko yan... after the drying nga i cure muna... which means para mas lalong maging aromatic ang amoy... hahaha lasang damo eh! Did you know what I did, I inspected the buds one by one.... Andun sila sumingit sa mga buds sa ilalim pa para di mo makita.. They were enjoying the sipping of the buds that made the flowers dried... tas may pooh sila na black ... yung pala etchas nila... hahaha... Salamat! nabisita mo na wallet mo dito?

Hmm had I known earlier, I would have asked you to insert some in those packs you've sent. Now, I wonder if those poohs give a stronger effect? I have read some about mountain goats eating the fruit, wherein the seed tastes better after processing of course and an expensive one.
Your harvest is more than enough for the season. Congrats!


Thank you. I think it will be enough.

Great harvest man. So good to see that. I am not much experienced in this, and because of that i haven't been able to find out when to harvest and when to not. There is alot of wild grow available here in my country that i can harvest but i don't know when. Their buds never seems to grow big enough and so i keep on waiting. Can you guide me in that regard, plz.


I am not a professional grower.. but from what I researched, you can harvest the buds when the pistils (white hairs) get yellow or brown copper like color. Also when the leaves surrounding the buds develop those crystal like thing called trichomes... you can see them if you have a lens that would zoom the buds and the leaves.

I hope it is now a worm-free dried strain or else you're the first grower that creates with a meaty flavor produce, lolololll...
Glad you have it dried already at least you can now puff it anytime soon.
smoke on!


Yeah, I think no more caterpillars there... I tediously inspected the buds one by one ... Nilagay ko sa microwave bago ko pinatuyo! Hahaha.. pag di pa naman natepok mga yan... hehehe. I still have to cure them, the drying takes about 3 to 7 days. There is plenty of air circulations in the cellar. after which, I will store them in glass jars in an open close open close of jar lids to enhance more flavor and potency... Salamuch!

The most awaited part of the story! Harvest time. It's good for you darling!
Why you hang them? What is their fault? jejejeje, in my workplace, the one who planted it will be hang,, wahahaha.. Joke only @indaymers
Anyway, I am so happy now that you harvested them before the caterpillar sip all the trichomes. Be careful of smoking it with the caterpillar pooh.


hahaha @indaymers do the tokhang of her grows, and the pooh will be the soon to be discovered flavour of the month,,, mygad @lawlai there you go again joking with a death penalty by hanging, Du30 will love you so much! lolololll...!

wow its wonderful , :D


Thank you.

They look super amazing . Enjoy !!


Many thanks.. :-))