zkittles bud

in #nugporn
2 months ago


Hi all . I just smoked a few of the little leaves on the outside of the bud ....take it easy / make the 3.5 gr, last / get up and do some stuff (note to self) after i finish this post that is. Although the zkittles chilled indica vibe is going more with the " sitting on the sofa ,looking at the sky out of the window" kinda vibe....

So,to repeat myself from a recent post about Zkittles ; It has a winning (literally) buzz ...a nice balance ... nuff said people ...gotta get up and do some stuff ( 2nd note to self) ...

P E A C E.


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Mister President, we hope you're on our side 😁💚

Enjoy bro


@drcannabis i did ,while it lasted.: )

Not had zkittles but I've heard of it a lot, looks like a good smoke 👍


@indica yeah ....very moreish....: )