Moon Rocks - Hand Dunked & Rolled

7 months ago

Just wanted to share my most recent method of constructing moonrocks.

I take a quarter sized bud (though size can vary), and dunk it into semi-warmed THC distillate. I like to leave it soaking for a minute, to ensure it has absorbed as much gooey goodness as possible. "Super-saturation" would be the scientific term.

Once the bud has been soaked, I roll it in a crystalline. Depending on how I'm feeling for the day - it could be THC-A crystal, CBD crystal or a 1:1 ratio of each.

Once the initial crystal coating has been rolled on, I wait for the crystalline coat to "disappear" into the gooey mass.

Once the crystalline is no longer apparent, or even a jam-like consistency, I roll it around in a pile of kief (trichome heads). For this step I like to use 73u filtered kief.


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I want to try moon rocks soo bad. I tried to make my own by wrapping buds in wax and coating in kief.

Jesus. That is unreal! Smoke on!

This stuff looks awesome. Smoked something like this in Amsterdam and it was awesome.

How was your high?

that´s why I love smoke, learning something new every starting to look for CBD crystals to mix to my weed, thanks for the tip. re-smoke!!

That is one tasty looking flower , I have tried moon rocks many times but never a cbd mix

Oh wow. I always wanted to try some moon rocks.