Wedding Crasher by Revolution

9 months ago

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how was it? could you write a mini review alongside nugporn and give some extra info on like price and dispensary? would be great

relly dank looking bud though mate!


I have been given some great constructive critisism about this and am actually in the process of remeding this exact thing. Right now i am working on a mini review of the aces high with more pictures and my own thoughts that i will hopefully be posting soon, still workjng in it. Im not in any way a professional writer or reviewer or photographer so i will mess up and take time to learn. Everyone here has been very nice and helpful so far. I like this place lol. Thank you for the helpful comment and the nice compliment, it is very much motivating to know people enjoy seejng the things i enjoy. Again i will try my best to review strains better from now in, but dont expect gold at first lol.... Also im TERRIBLE at spelling if you havent noticed yet lol 😁 also i still have some, it is amazing and i will do a proper post soon, thank you again

Nice man, I love rev, what dispensary you go to?


Thank you. I go to Verilife. They are wonderful there.

Looks really good. greetings


Thank you and hello 😁