My 'humble' crumble stash..

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15 days ago

Hello SMOKE community,

My name is GreenGrandpa. I have been away for a few months, but i'm back now..
And i have lots of things to share with you guys!

In this post, i will show you my 'humble' crumble stash😏. The crumble is made from the shake i collected of my homegrown Fruity Juice-plants.
350px_mini_1.png 350px_mini_2.png

The Yield

I was so excited by the idea of having my own crumble, that i forgot to weigh the shake, before bringing it to the cook🤦‍♂️..
Eventually, the cook managed to yield approximately 30 grams of crumble from the shake i brought in.

Smell and taste

The crumble has a very pungent smell, almost like the characteristic odor of an original 'Cheese' strain(which i haven't been able to find for years).

The crumble has a tropical, but spicy candy-like flavour. When i smoke this crumble, it immediately hits me with a very strong euphoric energy rush, which then slowly fades away into me feeling like i'm part of the couch itself.. Me and two friends even caught a third friend drooling on his sweater after smoking my crumble🤤!
350px_mini_end.png 350px_mini_ender.png

I hope you all enjoyed my post and please feel free to comment your thoughts!

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Can you share your crumble making process with the Smoke community? I, and a lot of others would love to learn how it’s done.


As you can read above, i did not make it myself. I had to pay the cook for his work.
I'm not 100% sure, but i think you'll have to purge your wax for a long time at a low temperature in a vacuum oven.


I thought your reference to the cook was meaning the act of cooking! Maybe your cook would be interested in joining


Maybe i should have used 'chef' instead of cook😅 He is a very shy person, who doesn't like being in the spotlight at all.. BUT maybe i can convince him to join !


Please do ask for process at least, that information even if just past along will bring your posts over the top 👌 of course if willing to share

Welcome back 👍


I was going to say the very same thing. I would love a way to make this for myself. :)

That's a fair amount of crumble, nice! 👌