42.0 Smoke up for grabs!!!!Times almost up!!! You dont wanna miss out on this!!

6 months ago

Hey tokers!!! I have just one question for ya!!!!

WHO doesn't love porn!!!

Nugporn. That is!
Well, if you love taking sexy pics of your sweet love, maryjane; then head over to this post here. It's a community collab for the first ever #nugporn book! How fucking cool would it be to invite some of your fellow smokers to your home to look at all that sweet porn!!!


In the not so far distant past, I know me and my fellow smokers have loved to share our pics through text and here on social media and the plethora of platforms. There were plenty of times over my years of smoking that we would have a handy High Times magazine with the tasty MaryJane tantilizing us with her wonderfully, sweet nugs...damn near hearing her through the pages screaming....SMOKE me!!!


How many times have you looked at your sexy ass female and thought, now she's produced some HIGH QUALITY NUGS??? She needs to be featured in a magazine or book somewhere!

If you've asked yourself this time and time again... then look no further your time is NOW!!!! You want to be featured in the first smoke. io nug porn book?? I HIGHly suggest you start snapping your best # #NUGPORN shots!!!

Better yet, how about a #contest??? I want to see your maryjane under the sexiest lights, with the sexiest background, heck even the best dressed! Zoom in on her sexiest features! Let's see your nugs shine!!!

By now you may ask how can I win, shit what can I win!!!

42.0 SMOKE to the FIRST 10 HIGH QUALITY #nugshots!!! Paid by me, that's 4.20 smoke per image!!!!

Your images Have to be original images that you yourself captured from whatever image capturing device you fancy.

Rules for @tecnosgirl #nugporn shots.

They must be photos you have taken. Seriously guys No stolen photos. I will google reverse image search them. If they pop up any where online I will only include them if where they pop up online leads to you. I am not trying to get sued, even though I will never sell this book, I do want to cover my ass butt. This isn't a contest or anything like that, and depending on the popularity of people wanting to add their image to the project I might not get to include everyone's image. After all there are only 40 pages and it is a 6x6 book.

So as you see original photos only, please!!!

What're, you waiting for you only have around 24 hours to get those sexy ass #nugshots over to @tecnosgirl!!


Thanks for reading! I honestly hope to see this book come to fruition! I mean it could be a start of something pretty sweet! Smoke.io's very own #nugporn, yes please!!!

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We need a min of 20 images but can included up to 100 currently 8 images has been submitted and I have some of my own but don't want to use more than a couple.


I'd be drooling over 100 sweet #nugshots!!! Hopefully the smokers who are #growers can be show-errs!!!

Plus, I figured with it being such a short time left I would help a bit. First edition of many!!!! I know you weren't holding a contest for this but hey 4.20 smoke per sexy nugshot, ain't too bad!!!


I am also accepting Hashish shots, dabs, shatter, wax and edibles too


I meant to add that up there!! Should i edit? Meh, hopefully comments get read☺