Sour Diesel !

in #nugporn
4 months ago

Always a favorite of mine! : ) I love Sour Diesel. I'm thinking about picking it as one of the strains I grow in my next round. Can truly never go wrong with some Diesel!

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I wonder if the stories behind the ancestry are true... I remember reading something along the lines of a medical strain G13 grown in a lab was smuggled out before being destroyed and 2 strains derived from it survived through crosses ... “Kush” as we know it today and it’s brutal cousin “Diesel” ... sometimes I don’t bother looking for the truth cause the story is just that much nicer to believe 😜 #urbanweedlegends 😉

I'm growing some right now! I'll be flipping the light on Monday, and I can't wait to see it flower. That's a nice nug you got there!

Beautiful nug.... I like the looks, seems dank to me...

this (Sour Diesel) was my second grow and my all time favorite grow!

The best flavor! Some good dense buds... loved it.