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How much is it, looks like a lot ?


It was about 46 grams....from 500 grams of nice trim😁

Wow, how long will it take you to go through all that? 😮


this was from last summer...i think it lasted about a month ! that was giving out dabs every day to me and another 3 people.(and loads of random people who happened to up about a gram a day we were smoking...when we ran out of weed i was putting it in spliffs..! It was amazing..!! yeah also i had to give someone 30% of that for using there fancy extraction machine and there vacum oven.!! Bit Much really...thats why it was sooo have to put in 500 grams in this machine.. now i am using a standard extractor tube that takes 28 gram and i am getting better returns..!!! dont think he was doing it right...av been getting 20% recently from bud and 10% from trim...his was only getting about half that !! Rosin is the way forward :)