GUMMY BEAR Strain - NUGPORN + Info! ($3 GRAM)

2 years ago

Grabbed a gram of some real nice Gummy Bear yesterday, I had $8 in reward credit so I got this greasy gram for $3!
Gummy Bear is a cross of Trueberry and Big Lemon. This strain just REEKS of skunk almost identical to the Super Sour Skunk I shared. I got skeptical because the scent did not match the name one bit and I thought maybe it didn't sell well and they tried relabeling it. I took a look into the genetics and the Trueberry has skunk in it's lineage.
This strain tested out at just over 23% THC.
Here are a few other juicy pics of this Gummy Bear!

Thanks for stopping by SMOKErs have a great night and stay tuned for more!

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That's an amazing deal, is it on offer or something?


No it was just a regular priced gram, my reward credit took it down to $3. Every $25 I spend at this dispensary I get a $1 credit!


Ah that makes much more sense haha nice

Hey man I would also love to be a breeder one day :)
Hit me up on discord some time and we can trade seeds and talk breeding. Btw also have a look at this strain in the phylos galaxy(Yeah I know Phylos is a shady company but the info in the Phylos galaxy is still super handy:


I've never been on discord before, maybe I'll see what it's all about here soon! I've never heard of Phylos!